Achieve Greatness: Óbuda University’s International Student Excellence Awards Await Your Brilliance!


If you have always dreamt of studying in Hungary, now is the perfect time to make your plans a reality. Óbuda University is please to announce the launch of the International Student Excellence Awards for the upcoming academic session 2023/2024. This prestigious scholarship program aims to support talented students who wish to pursue BSc and MSc programs at the university, while fostering a culture of academic excellence.

Óbuda University’s International Student Excellence Awards provide a remarkable opportunity for ambitious students to fulfill their educational aspirations in Hungary. With its diverse academic programs and commitment to excellence, Óbuda University stands as an ideal choice for international students seeking a top-tier education. Don’t miss this chance to pursue your dreams at one of Hungary’s finest institutions. Apply now and seize the opportunity to become part of Óbuda University’s vibrant academic community.

Óbuda University:

A Vibrant Hub of Education in Budapest, Hungary: Located in the captivating city of Budapest, Óbuda University is a thriving institution nestled in the heart of Europe. With a rich history spanning 132 years, the university has consistently prioritized educational achievement and has established itself as a respected name in academia.

Degree Offerings:

Choosing Óbuda University for your studies grants you access to a diverse range of academic programs. The university offers twelve bachelor’s, seven master’s, and three doctoral degree programs. In addition to these comprehensive degree programs, the university provides high-level vocational training, distance learning opportunities, and professional extension courses. This ensures that students receive a well-rounded education tailored to their individual goals and interests.

The application deadline for the International Student Excellence Awards is set for 20th July, 2023. It is essential for aspiring students to ensure their applications submit on time to be consider for this prestigious scholarship opportunity.

Eligibility and Application Details:

The International Student Excellence Awards are open to exceptionally talented students who aspire to pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate studies at Óbuda University. To be considered for this scholarship, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be applying for a BSc or MSc program at Óbuda University.
  2. Should demonstrate outstanding academic performance and potential.
  3. Must submit a complete application by the deadline.

Applying Procedure:

If you are interested in applying for the International Student Excellence Awards at Óbuda University, follow the application process outlined below:

  1. Gather the Application Documentation:
    • Obtain the application form, along with its annexes (1-2), from the International Education Office or download it from the university’s official website.
    • Collect authentic documents that certify your outstanding achievements, such as academic awards, certificates, or relevant recognition.
  2. Submitting the Application:
    • Complete the application form accurately and thoroughly, ensuring all required information is provided.
    • Prepare the supporting documents, including:
      • Certificate of Education: Submit a copy of your educational certificates that demonstrate your academic qualifications.
      • Certificate or Proof of Citizenship and/or Permanent Residence: Provide a document verifying your citizenship or permanent residence status.
  3. Sending the Application:
    • There are two options for submitting your application:
      • Option 1: Deliver the application documentation, including the completed form and supporting documents, in a sealed envelope to the International Education Office.
      • Option 2: Mail the application package to the International Education Office’s address. Ensure the envelope is properly seal and clearly labeled with your name, Neptun code (if applicable), and the training program you are applying for.
  4. Meeting Admission Requirements:
    • To be consider for the International Student Excellence Awards, applicants must hold a previous education certificate with relevant marks. Ensure you meet the academic prerequisites for your chosen BSc or MSc program at Óbuda University.
  5. Language Requirements:
    • Fulfilling the language proficiency requirements is essential. Applicants are required to submit TOEFL, IELTS, or other recognized English language test results to demonstrate their proficiency in English. This ensures that you have the necessary language skills to succeed in your studies.

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