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FAQ Q: How to get a Scholarship?

A: Students from all around the world are always looking for the scholarships: Here are some tips and tricks which will help you secure one for yourself: Early Preparation: There are many factors included in the evaluation process and one cannot prepare for them at the final hour. Therefore, to get your desired scholarship you should show some dedication, commitment and start preparing as early as possible to stand out of the crowd. English Language: It is an established fact that English is widely spoken around the world and like-wise almost all universities require an English proficiency proof through tests like ILETS, TOEFL etc. Therefore, you should start working on your English Comprehension and composition. Interview skills: Apart from tests, grades and other eligibility criteria, some universities also require an Interview. Its importance should never be neglected as Interview gives a first-hand overview about your entire personality, your attitude and your motivation. Though most people tend to get nervous. Be relaxed and practice several times before the interview so that you may present yourself in the best way with full confidence.

Q: How to find scholarships?

A: To find the right thing at the right place is very important. You should know where to look for, this way you will save time and get optimum results. The best way to search for a Scholarship is to visit Universities websites. But it is a very hectic and time-consuming process. Also, it is difficult to visit every website individually. For this purpose, you should visit Scholarship sites like where Scholarships from around the world are listed under one banner and you can easily find a scholarship that suits you well.

Q: How to Apply for Scholarships?

A: First of all, match your eligibility with the eligibility criteria given in scholarship. You should apply for all scholarships that you are eligible for and that match your passion and interest. Once you see a Scholarship you can apply for, a common procedure for applying goes as follows: Apply for the admission in university you desire and, in the subject, you are interested. Fill out the scholarship form and follow necessary steps required to complete the application process. Be alert and keep checking your inbox for the confirmation email. Cross check again if the scholarship available is valid for region. Provide all the necessary documents required. Prepare a decent cover letter or essay if needed.

Q: When to apply for scholarships?

A: You should apply for scholarship as early as possible. Often Scholarships have very short deadlines, so you have to be vigilant about and need to remain updated. Although it is preferred to apply for the Scholarship at the earliest but still there is no need to be demotivated as there are plenty of posted daily at so that you may not miss out on an opportunity.

Q: How to write an essay for scholarships?

A: Preparing a cover letter or writing an essay that describes you well is an important aspect of applying for a scholarship. Often universities require a brief essay that explains your personality. By now that you are aware of importance of Scholarship essay / Cover letter, here are some tips that you can apply to stand out your application for the scholarship. Make sure that it is very clear and concise. It should grasp the reader’s attention and puts you in a winning situation for the applied scholarship. Do not put unnecessary information. And lastly, always proof read it leaving no errors and improper formatting.

Q: What are the documents required for Scholarships?

A: While it may vary from university to university but common required documents for scholarships are: Cover-letter/Essay. CV / Resume. Previous Transcripts. Recommendation Letter. You can find further details by reviewing scholarships at

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Q: What is the required GPA needed to get a Scholarship?

A: Good GPA helps to book your ticket for your desired scholarship. Usually, Universities asks for an average score of minimum 3.0 GPA to grant the scholarships to the deserving students. But GPA is no usually the only criteria of evaluation for the student’s eligibility for the scholarship. There are interviews and other activities involved to evaluate a candidate’s application. So, it is highly recommended to never shy away from applying for your desired university/college/Scholarships because there is a highly likely chance that you may grab one. You may go through to get aware of hundreds of scholarship opportunities every single day.